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Research on the Transformation and Innovational Development of Adult Education in Newly-built Undergraduate Institutions in MOOC Age

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.019


Yan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yan Zhang


The advent of MOOC age is exerting a profound influence on the adult education in China. This research is based on the investigation of the current development status of adult education in the newly-built undergraduate institutions in Shandong province. It analyzes in detail the opportunities and challenges faced by adult education in MOOC age and probes into the issue that how to realize the transformation of the adult education in MOOC age from MOOC+ flipped classroom teaching mode, the transformation of teachers’ functions, the construction of MOOC learning service platform, and the innovation of MOOC development and application, etc. It provides a useful reference for the innovation of adult education in newly-built undergraduate institutions.


MOOC age, Newly-built undergraduate institutions, Adult education, Transformation and Innovation