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The Enlightenment of Lao-Tzu’s Humanism to Mental Health Education of Contemporary College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.014


Jifang Yang

Corresponding Author

Jifang Yang


In the era of knowledge economy, it’s urgent to study mental health education intending to cultivate the students with healthy personality. Based on the current situation of contemporary college students’ mental health, the crucial impact of Lao-Tzu’s humanism is to be discussed in the article. Lao-Tzu’s humanism contains profound wisdom, and it offers rich cultural resources to quality education. It’s suggested that contemporary college students take the initiative to study Taoism, get some spiritual nutrition from it, make full use of Lao-Tzu’s idea of “rebirth” and “cherishing life”, and learn from his wisdom in life; therefore, they’ll enhance their overall physical and mental qualities and have sound personality and good social adaptability. As contemporary college students shoulder the heavy responsibility of modernization, mental health education should learn from Lao-Tzu’s life philosophy and aid the students to behave decently and grow to be the useful talents at last.


Lao-Tzu, Humanism, Mental health education, Enlightenment