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Construction of Carbon Fiber Industry Chain Integration Framework Based on Industrial Technology Breakthrough

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.013


Kaize Liu, Ao Jia, and Xiaqing Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiaqing Liu


Carbon fiber is a new type of high-performance fiber, which can be widely used in the fields of aerospace, machinery, building materials, transportation, sports and medical fields, thus it has an important strategic position in the national economy. Global carbon fiber demand continues to increase, but the carbon fiber industry by Japan, the United States and other developed countries monopoly. Carbon fiber industry is a highly technology and capital intensive industry. Through merger and acquisition of integrated resources, large-scale carbon fiber production enterprises can be formed to break through industrial technology, realize mass production of carbon fiber industry with stable quality and participate in international competition. Based on the analysis of the industrial chain of carbon fiber, the relationship between the integration of the industrial chain of carbon fiber and industrial technology breakthrough is sorted out, and the framework of industrial chain integration of carbon fiber is constructed based on industrial technology breakthrough from four dimensions of vertical integration, horizontal integration, lateral integration and mixed integration. Through the systematic and serialized layout of the whole industrial chain, carbon fiber enterprises can reduce costs, increase profit points, have the ability to face the competition of international giants, and reverse the difficult situation, which has great practical significance for the development of carbon fiber industry.


Carbon fiber, Industrialization, Technology breakthrough, Industry chain integration