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Study of Chinese Traditional Culture under the Background of "Big Data"

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2019.035


Yang Wang, Shuyan Yi

Corresponding Author

Shuyan Yi


The era of big data has come. Big data not only changes our lives, but also changes our way of thinking. With the rapid development of cloud computing, image retrieval and other technologies, literary research is bound to enter a new era. [1] By expounding the present situation of literary research related to big data at home and abroad, this paper finds out all kinds of new changes in the field of classical literature, and puts forward some suggestions on how to carry out the study of Chinese traditional culture with the help of big data. With the help of this kind of promotion, this paper not only comprehensively discusses the specific influence of "big data" in the literary world, but also provides a reference for the new feasibility study of Chinese traditional culture.


Big data, Chinese traditional Culture, Network Science