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An MDVP Analysis on Basic Vowel Voice of Mandarin Chinese

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2019.034


Mingxiao Gu, Yonghong Li, Dawa Pengcuo

Corresponding Author

Dawa Pengcuo


Pronunciation research is an important part of speech acoustics research. In this study, the MDVP is used to extract and analyze ten basic vowels of Mandarin Chinese. The parameters mainly involve F0, Jita, Jitt, ShdB, Shim, APQ and sAPQ. This study also compared the differences in voice parameters between different genders. The study found that the jitter of a [A] is very obvious and has a notable statistical significance, the frequency and amplitude jitter of üare the weakest. In addition, F0, Jita, APQ, and sAPQ have significant differences in gender.


Persistent vowels, Voice, Fundamental frequency, Frequency and amplitude jitter