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Research on Landscape Pattern about Labrang Monastery in Gannan area

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2019.030


Gao Qi

Corresponding Author

Gao Qi


In the process of localization, Labrang Temple was deeply influenced by the traditional local cultural ideas, which gradually formed a unique concept of spatial environment. In site selection, special attention was paid to the relationship of natural landscape. Through the accumulation of long-term survival experience, the characteristics of natural geographical environment conducive to survival were summarized and auspicious meanings were given. In this paper, the spatial environment of Labrang Temple is studied, the macro location and landscape elements of Labrang Temple are analyzed, and the characteristics of the landscape are summarized. This is good for understanding of the space environment of the Labrang Temple deeply, and it has a reference significance for the overall landscape pattern protection.


Labrang monastery, landscape pattern, landscape characteristics