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The Influence of Digital Media Art on Animation Design

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2019.026


Shengnan Yao

Corresponding Author

Shengnan Yao


It is necessary to have a deep understanding of digital media art for digital media art to better promote the development of animation design. And in-depth analysis of its functions and application effects, then applied to the animation design in an all-round and multi-angle, to comprehensively improve the level of animation design. Therefore, this study started with the concept of digital media and digital media art. After comparing the traditional animation design with the animation design under digital media art, this paper analyzed the characteristics of animation design under digital media art. It also discussed the influence of digital media technology on the role design in animation design, the impact of the field of change, the impact of application methods, and the impact of development and innovation. Hoping this article can provide some theoretical references value for the practitioners of animation design industry.


Digital Media Art, Animation Design, Impact Analysis