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Research and Analysis of Chinese Elements in Digital Media Art Design

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2019.021


Yu Gao, Xiaoran Chen

Corresponding Author

Yu Gao


The arrival of the digital age has promoted the wide application of digital media in art design, and digital media art design has become a new form of contemporary art design. Based on the exploration of digital media art in exhibition design, it has very important research significance and value, and has begun to attract the attention of foreign designers. This is the case. Because the manifestation of traditional art has been difficult to meet people's actual needs, we combine digital media art, analyze the status quo and significance of digital media art design, put forward the innovative and aesthetic value of Chinese elements in modern digital media art design, and combine the questionnaires in real life, and go deep into it. Understand the use of digital media art design to study the penetration of Chinese elements in culture, the satisfaction of all age groups in daily life status and views. At the same time, the basic application of digital media art design in Chinese culture is discussed and analyzed.


Chinese elements, Digital media, Art design