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Research on the Application of Traditional Chinese Culture and Art in Modern Graphic Design

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2019.020


Fangfei Wu

Corresponding Author

Fangfei Wu


With continuous acceleration of globalization and constant integration of economies and cultures of various countries, China, as a country with more than 5,000 years of cultural heritage, has accumulated rich cultural and artistic elements in the long history, which not only represent the characteristics of China. The 21st century is an era of globalization and competition and the competition for design is essentially the competition of culture. In order to make Chinese design to stand out in such a fiercely competitive environment, we have to take advantage of our unique culture and art and apply them to the design so as to let Chinese design exude genuine charm. What's more, by combining Chinese culture with the characteristics of the times, we can achieve inheritance and development. Therefore, when doing modern graphic design, we should appropriately integrate contemporary design with traditional culture and art and broaden mind as well as the ways to demonstrate art so as to provide richer sources of inspiration for graphic design. In this way, graphic design will be pregnant with art, appreciation, and the temporal spirit, which should be the meaning of modern graphic design.


Traditional Chinese culture, Artistic elements, Modern graphic design, Design application