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On the Research of under the Background of Language Standardization

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2019.017


Jing Chu

Corresponding Author

Jing Chu


In the history of Chinese characters, heterogeneous characters exist in large quantities, which is an important subject of language standardization. From the perspective of standardization of language and characters, this paper reviews the research on the definition, classification, causes and other problems of variant in the first batch of variant rectification table and sorts out the existing problems by using the research methods of combining science and sociology, narration and evaluation. At this stage, the theoretical study of variant is subordinate to the arrangement and specification of variant. Thhe theoretical study of the first batch of variant consolidation tables only focuses on the table theory, without in-depth discussion of the fundamental problem of the meaning of variant, and ignores the ontological study of variant from the perspective of philology. This emphasis on practice over theoretical research confuses the boundary between academic and political issues.


Standardization of language and characters, The first batch of variant character rectification table, Variant