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Interpretation of Ecological Feminist in "To the Lighthouse"

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2019.013


Peng Tong

Corresponding Author

Peng Tong


Virginia Woolf described women and nature, women and men with skillful narrative techniques in To the Lighthouse. It begins with the traditional woman Mrs. Ramsay getting close to nature, and ends with the gradual integration of non-traditional female Lily Brisco into nature, in which the ecological feminism is clear and runs through the novel all the time. The use of a large number of female narrative voices and narrative techniques from a narrative perspective is helpful to the development of ecological feminism. Based on the author's study and thinking, this paper interpreted the ecological feminism from the contradiction and harmony between women & nature and between women & men. By comparing the emotional differences between the two sexes towards nature, this paper highlighted the close similarity between women and nature, and criticized the man's indifference to nature.


To the lighthouse, Ecological feminism, Gender antagonism, Women and nature