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A Study of the Relationship between Lyrics and Tunes of Chinese Ancient Poetry Art Songs

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2019.007


Yu Xiang

Corresponding Author

Yu Xiang


The ancient Chinese poetry art songs have a long history. Their poetry is intriguing, theme is implicit, Language refinement, and full of rhythm and musical sense. Whether it is the Book of Songs, Song of the Chu, Yuefu poem, or Tang poetry, Song poetry, the Song of the Yuan Dynasty, and the small songs prevailing in the Ming and Qing Dynasties; Whether it is the artistic songs of the ancient music, such as "Eighteen Stanzas in Nomadic Reed Pipe", "Yang Guan San Die", and the work of JiangKui’s "self-composing", Yang zhou Man and sky full of apricot blossom, Or the work written by modern and contemporary composers based on the poems of the ancients, such as the work written by the composer Qing Dian, "The Great River flows to the east." (the lyrics were created by Su Shi of the Song Dynasty),Composer Huang Zi's work "Flower is not flower" (the lyrics were created by Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty),The work of the composer Tan Xiaolin's work "Since My Lord Went Away" (the lyrics were created by Zhang Jiuling of the Tang Dynasty),Luo Zhongrong's work "Stepping through the river to pick the lotus" (ancient poetry),Li Yinghai's "Three Poems of Tang Poetry" - "Dawn of Spring " (Tang. Meng Haoran's poem), "Nocturnal Berthing at the Fengqiao Bridge" (Tang. Zhang Ji's poem), "Meditations on the Yellow Crane" (Tang. Wang Zhi's poem), etc. They are the perfect unity of classical culture and elegant artistic expressions, and they are also the perfect combination of excellent poetry and music.


Ancient poetry, Art song, Word and song relationship