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The Art Process of the Development of Chinese Literary Painting

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2019.006


Xiang Li, and Xudong Fan

Corresponding Author

Xiang Li


The development of Chinese literary painting has gone through more than a thousand years of changes, but always occupies an important place in Chinese painting. As early as the Han Dynasty, Cai Yong, famous for literature and calligraphy, had a painting name; in the Tang Dynasty, Wang Wei, a poet, had a solid foundation for the formation and development of literati landscape paintings with Wanchuan as the theme, and established the thread of literati painting. Then in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties of more than 900 years, countless literati painters borrowed landscapes, flowers and birds, plum orchids, bamboo and chrysanthemum and other subjects to flaunt their escape in their breasts, or to express their spirits or to build their beliefs in life. Literati painting has formed a painting style which attaches great importance to the interest of brush and ink, pursues self-entertainment and pays equal attention to both poetry, calligraphy and painting cultivation. It is unique with its "talent, knowledge and cultivation".


Literati painting does not seek self-entertainment, Poetry, Calligraphy and painting in one