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Analysis of Visual Humorous in Fukuda Shigeo’s Poster Works

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2019.004


Jinsong Yu, and Shangshu Wang

Corresponding Author

Jinsong Yu


As a master of graphic design, Fukuda Shigeo has made remarkable achievements in design concept and practice. His design works have repeatedly won international awards and been praised as the "Pope of Graphic Design" in the West. He is good at using positive and negative forms, heterogeneous isomorphism, contradictory space and other design techniques to express graphic poster design, in which the iconic design techniques and humorous personal style often leave a deep impression on people. With simple graphic elements to create a new visual experience, the international symbolic language makes the works easy to understand and regardless of national boundaries, at the same time, it also gives a profound and philosophical connotation, "Humorous Fukuda style" can often make people laugh and appreciate the design works.


Visual humor, Positive and negative form, Heterogeneous isomorphism, Contradictory space