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Analysis of the Influence of Eastern and Western Cultural Differences on Journalistic English Translation

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2019.001


Juan Chen

Corresponding Author

Juan Chen


In the current international context, English news has gradually become an important channel for people to obtain global information in social life. However, the differences between Eastern and Western cultures from the perspective of news communication have brought many obstacles to the translation of journalistic English. In order to ideally solve the translation problems and better complete the translation, translators need to fully understand and correctly treat and deal with such cultural differences. On the basis of expounding the meaning and characteristics of journalistic English, the connotation of culture and its relationship with language, and the cultural differences and translation difficulties brought by them, this paper analyzes the influence of Eastern and Western cultural differences on journalistic English translation from the geographical environment, historical background, customs, religious beliefs, etc; and proposes translation strategies such as alienation, interpretation and free translation to solve the translation problems stemming from cultural differences. The analysis results in this paper provide a basis for further research.


Translation, Journalistic English, Eastern and Western cultural differences