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Exploration on the Stereoscopic Grid Pattern of Party Construction in Astronautic Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.098


Si Yunxue, Yang Bo, Wang Guihai

Corresponding Author

Si Yunxue


With the constant development of China’s economy and in-depth development of reform and opening-up, the diversified development becomes an obvious feature of China in each aspect. Introduction of the western value and change of people’s thought challenge the grass-roots party construction of astronautic enterprises to some extent. Therefore, how to effectively cultivate astronautic correct socialist value outlook of enterprise employees and reinforce the grass-roots party construction is an important content to be studied by contemporary enterprises. This paper introduces the exploration on the stereoscopic grid pattern of party construction in astronautic enterprises, generalizes the advanced work method of the party construction grids and offers some reference to the new generation of linkage mechanism for the party construction grids.


Stereoscopic grids, party construction work, astronautic enterprises