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The Impact of Customer Mistreatment Behavior on the Turnover Intention of Frontline Employees in Tourism Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.094


Hongying Li, Weihua Duan, Qi Zhao

Corresponding Author

Hongying Li


This study investigated the influence of customer mistreatment behavior on the turnover intention of frontline employees in tourism industry, and verified the moderating effect of industrial relations climate and the mediating effect of emotional exhaustion. With a sample of 288 frontline employees in tourism industry, the results indicate that: (1) customer mistreatment behavior is positively related to front-line employee’s turnover intension. (2) emotional exhaustion has a mediating effect between customer mistreatment behavior and front-line employee’s turnover intention. (3) Labor-management hostility climate plays a moderating role between emotional exhaustion and turnover intention. And then theoretical implications and practical implications are discussed.


Customer mistreatment behavior, emotional exhaustion, industrial relations climate, turnover intension