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Path Analysis of China’s Sports Industry to Promote Economic Development under the “One Belt and One Way” Pattern

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.092


Chuanlei Li

Corresponding Author

Chuanlei Li


Based on the research methods of literature, field investigation, induction and mathematical statistics, from the current transition of the world economy to the new globalization stage, this paper discusses the research trends of sports industry promoting economic development, analyzes the general situation of economic development along the “one belt along the way”, and the characteristics of the sports industry promoting the development path of the economic development, and points out the countries along the belt. Conditions for the promotion of economic development by the education industry. This paper argues that the key to enhance the competitive environment of sports industry in China and developed countries lies in the upgrading of the value added position of the global value chain implemented by the sports industry relying on the development strategy of “one belt and one road”.


The Belt and Road Initiative, Sport industry, Economic development, Route