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Key Technology of Evapotranspiration Recovery in Cooling Tower Based on Biomimetic Principle

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.088


Jin Luan, Chunhua Liu, Cong Li, Ningyi Geng

Corresponding Author

Jin Luan


In order to solve the current shortage of fresh water resources, considering the practical application, the water loss of the evaporative radiator circulating water cooling tower in industrial or refrigeration air conditioning is huge. Has great potential for freshwater recycling. This paper attempts to use air extraction technology based on the principle of bionics to study the energy saving of industrial cooling towers. In order to improve the technical measures for using the air intake water for the structure of the existing evaporative circulating water cooling tower, it is creatively proposed to install a mesh preparation network structure at the outlet of the evaporative circulating water cooling tower. It promotes the discharge of water vapor containing a large amount of water, condenses into droplets at this structure, and collects and recovers, thereby achieving the purpose of saving water resources.


Bionic, water condensation, recycling, structure