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The Research on Data Transmission Application Based on ZigBee Wireless Network

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.086


Shoubai Xiao

Corresponding Author

Shoubai Xiao


Wireless sensor network is an emerging network technology that integrates sensors, embedded systems, communications and networks, which has incomparable advantages in traditional technologies such as low power consumption, reliability transmission, and adaptability. and has broad application prospects in the fields of environmental protection, medical treatment, logistics, security, industrial and agricultural production, and military. ZigBee technology has the features of power consumption, low cost, short distance, low speed and so on. It has great performance in the application of wireless sensor network and has achieved more and more attention. Applying ZigBee technology to wireless data acquisition and control systems not only eliminates the cumbersome wiring, but also can be used in many special applications. With the increasing application of ZigBee technology, the exchange of information between the sensor network and the Internet through the ZigBee gateway to realize the remote transmission and processing of data has become a research hot spot in this field. This paper introduces the concept and technical characteristics of ZigBee wireless network, and combines the characteristics of network transmission in China to illustrate the practical application of ZigBee wireless network and data transmission technology with examples.


Wireless Sensor, ZigBee Wireless Network, Data Transmission, Application Research