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Research on the Development Trend of E-Commerce Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.085


Xiaofei Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaofei Wang


With the rapid development of global information technology, the network economy with e-commerce as its core is developing vigorously. E-commerce is a new strategic form of production, resource allocation and market management for enterprises through electronic tools such as computer networks. With the gradual maturity of communication technology and the rapid growth of network users, the benefits of online business activities are becoming more and more obvious. Economization of information will become the mainstream of economic activities, and the development environment of e-commerce and informatization will be better and better. In this paper, the development trend of e-commerce technology is analyzed, and the application fields of e-commerce technology are also proposed. Through the current domestic situation, some suggestions are put forward.


Electronic commerce technology, Development trend, Informatization