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Study on Innovation Mechanism of Ecological Compensation in Diversified Basins------A Case Study of Xin'anjiang River

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.084


Pan Gao

Corresponding Author

Pan Gao


Since the reform and opening up, the domestic social economy has made a breakthrough in quantity and a qualitative leap, and the level of domestic residents has improved very well. However, the problem of watershed pollution in many places in China is also becoming more and more serious, and water resources tend to be tense. The illegal discharge of domestic sewage, pesticides, and industrial wastewater, has caused the problem of water pollution to increase and the water quality to decline. At the same time, excessive grazing and deforestation have reduced the ability of conserving water sources upstream, and the problem of soil erosion has gradually increased. In this context, combining with the case of Xin’anjiang River, the author studies the innovation mechanism of ecological compensation in diversified basins.


Diversified watershed, Ecological compensation, Innovation mechanism, Xin'anjiang River, Bayesian network