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Research on Ecological Community Pattern and Ecological Carrying Capacity of Maqu Wetland Nature Reserve

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.082


Zewen Liu, Huixia Liu, and Yu Liang

Corresponding Author

Yu Liang


In Maqu Wetland Nature Reserve, the traditional ecological research method and ecological footprint research technology are combined, and the main purpose is wetland conservation and sustainable utilization, and the methods such as combination of typical investigation and remote sensing data comparison, plant and animal research, biodiversity and regional wetland carrying capacity calculation and sustainable use of ecosystems are used to survey community patterns and genesis, and analyses community succession of Maqu wetland in recent 10 years to promote the conservation of biodiversity and realize sustainable development of Maqu wetland.


Maqu Wetland Nature Reserve, Ecological Community Pattern, Ecological Carrying Capacity, Sustainable Utilization, Community Succession