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Development and Application of Electric Power Marketing Inspection Monitoring System Based on Information Age

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.080


Yichao Zheng, Lixia Lou, Tie Guo, Kaixuan Chang, Ying Feng, and Xiangxiang Liu

Corresponding Author

Yichao Zheng


With the continuous development of the electric power industry and the continuous improvement of service awareness in the industry, all aspects of the society need higher and higher quality service for electric power. To do a good job of marketing inspection and to give full play to the normal and professional supervision function of marketing inspection on the quality of marketing services are important measures to continuously improve service and management levels. In view of the problems of low efficiency, poor timeliness and many blind spots in the current marketing inspection work of electric power supply bureau, this paper designs an online inspection system for electric power marketing based on the actual situation of electric power supply bureau's power grid operation. By sorting out the monitoring indicators, the system construction makes full use of the basic data of independent marketing business systems to carry out all-round and multi-angle monitoring analysis, and realizes abnormal early warning, closed-loop rectification, large-screen display, etc., and realizes "seamless connection" between the basic data and the platform application, thus construct a new marketing inspection mode of warning in advance, monitoring in process and alarming afterward. Through practical application, it has achieved good results in improving the efficiency of electric power marketing inspection, marketing management and service quality, and effectively prevented marketing risks.


Electric power marketing, Inspection and monitoring system, System structure