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Establishment of Electric Power Marketing System Based on Data Warehouse Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.077


Lixia Lou, Yichao Zheng, Yuan Tian, and Yangbiao Deng

Corresponding Author

Lixia Lou


At present, the electric power marketing system uses an operation-oriented database management system to complete specific businesses, such as statistical reports and random queries, thus initially realizing paperless and networked electric power business processing. However, with the continuous increase of power customers, the amount of data also increases. Manual collection and processing cannot guarantee the integrity and accuracy of data. The report forms generated by the business system are less flexible and cannot meet the needs of management and analysis of decision makers. With the continuous increase of power demand and the rapid development of power information network, people's demand for information management system to provide higher level analysis is increasing day by day. The application of data warehouse technology makes up for the insufficiency of decision support function of information management system. Due to this, based on the business process of electric power marketing, with the aim of providing high-quality service for customers and making full use of the advantages of data warehouse technology, this paper constructs a decision support system for electric power marketing on the basis of the existing management information system through data mining tools to make the decision of senior leaders of electric power enterprises more convenient, scientific and accurate.


Electric power marketing, Decision support system, Data warehouse, Data mining