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Research on Local Government’s Coping Strategy against Internet Public Opinion Crisis

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.073


Dahai Wang

Corresponding Author

Dahai Wang


With respect to specific development and solution to current internet public opinion, as various hotspots and difficulties can’t be efficiently solved and managed in time, many crises are not timely eased and side effects on society will be gradually aggravated. Consequently, in internet era, it is of vital importance for local governments to effectively guide internet public opinions. On the basis of concretely analyzing related concepts and connotation of internet public opinion crisis, the thesis studies on several aspects like government’s cognition and system construction, so as to comprehensively research on local government’s coping strategy against internet public opinion crisis and summarize existing issues, meanwhile, optimize and sort out strategies from multiple perspectives and levels.


Local government, Internet public opinion crisis, Coping strategy