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Discussion on the Prediction Method of the Running Resistance of Tracked Vehicle

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.070


Yi Yao, Wen Cao, Qiang Li

Corresponding Author

Yi Yao


This paper first analyzes the caterpillar vehicles on various resistance, influenced the vehicle is the main factors of resistance. And through the tracked vehicles driving resistance established the theoretical analysis of soil work includes compaction, earth-moving work caterpillar vehicles driving resistance, the mathematical model. In K.K Rowland and ogure baker, based on the study of such people, further calculus out more accurate and practical caterpillar vehicle resistance prediction method calculation formula. For each parameter is determined and puts forward some methods to determine them.


Caterpillar vehicles driving resistance soil, Compaction work experience formula earth-moving work, Mathematical model of soil, Experimental study, Test study soil