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Research on Application Problems and Solutions of Internet Finance in Group Companies

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.069


Shenglu Li

Corresponding Author

Shenglu Li


Modern internet financial management has obvious advantages over traditional financial management. It is a breakthrough of limitation in space and time for delivering traditional information with greatly improving financial management level and efficiency of enterprise. Internet finance forms online supply chain which the enterprise’s finance is regarded as the center with cooperation of each department and can be managed dynamically for finance, in order that the enterprise overall masters supply of goods and reduces costs for enterprise together with consumption of manpower and material resources. However, there are still some problems needed to be solved during practical application of internet finance. Aiming at encountered problems during application of internet finance in group companies, the article makes research and discussion about it. It puts forward improvement measures and builds up sound internet financial environment, in order to improve competitiveness of group companies.


Internet finance, Financial management, Internet financial management system