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Online Information System Resource Control Mechanism Based on Network Resource Directory

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.067


Tian Deng

Corresponding Author

Tian Deng


The resource control mechanism of online information systems has two main types of structures. One is a system module that is independent of data, and describes, stores, and manages related resources in the network and how they are associated in a manner similar to a data dictionary. The other is to integrate the resource control mechanism into the system data, and realize the dynamic control of resources through the connection of data and data. Here we focus on the former situation, which we call the resource control mechanism based on the network resource directory. We will explore the latter type of structure in detail later. The information network-based library intelligence system serves as the interface between the user and the entire information environment, and needs to dynamically link and utilize databases and systems distributed throughout the network. This paper describes the basic structure and operating mechanism of this type of system. The core part of this type of system, the specific tasks, and the composition and implementation techniques of the network resource control mechanism will be discussed in detail.


Online Resource Directory, Multi-database Dictionary, Network Optimization, Resource Management