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Computer Intelligent Recognition Image Speech Signal Application

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.064


Xiaowei Ma, Hongtao Deng

Corresponding Author

Hongtao Deng


With the rapid advancement of speech recognition technology, the intelligent speech question and answer system has gained more and more attention. For the traditional question answering system, the system usually matches according to the user's input questions according to the established template rules, or searches in a large information database to get the answers to the corresponding questions that have been edited, and then the answers will be obtained. Returning to the target user, the deep question-based intelligent question answering system learns from a large number of questions and answers in the data set, extracts features, and generates corresponding answers for the user according to the questions input by the user. The intelligent voice input system is an intelligent intelligent system for automatic voice input through voice signal recognition and tone analysis. The intelligent voice input system plays an important role in voice signal analysis and speech recognition. In this paper, this paper introduces the existing speech synthesis system implementation method and speech recognition technology, then analyzes the existing methods, and proposes an improved method of server-based intelligent speech control system, and the system is implemented. The focus of inquiry and introduction has improved the shortcomings of traditional methods.


Computer intelligent recognition, Image signal, Voice signal, Application scenario