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Study on the Construction of the Financing Countermeasure System for Jilin Creative Industries

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.063


Shenglu Li

Corresponding Author

Shenglu Li


Jilin creative industry mainly includes cultural creative industry, tourism creative industry, animation creative industry, car culture creative industry. These industries where indicate a promising development and some distinctive regional features upon Jinlin province. It has boosted Jinlin’s startups and employment development, offering great energy for Jilin’s rapid growth of the economy. However, with some problems of these nascent creative industries in Jilin such as poor financing capacity, unclear financing channel and solitary financing method, the development of creative industry has reached a bottleneck. This paper aims to propose solutions for the related problems focusing on four perspectives, as from enterprise, government, financial institution and external environment, to structure an improved financing countermeasure system for Jilin’s creative industry. Moreover, the paper takes the animation industry as an example to proceed with a validation study for achieving the goals of solving Jinlin creative industry’s financing challenges and promoting the diversification, variety and systematisation of financing.


Jilin province, Creative industry, Financing system, Animation company