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A Comparative Study of Information Security Laws under the Shared Economy Model

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.061


Shujun Guo

Corresponding Author

Shujun Guo


With the continuous development of "Internet +", the sharing economy has emerged as a new economic model. With its unique and innovative business economic model, it has rapidly developed and become the darling of the economic society in the new era. However, due to its rapid development, due to the lag of new forms of law and the imperfection of the system, it has also caused many problems for local governments and courts to judge such incidents. Based on this, this paper first explains the meaning of the sharing economy model, and secondly, the existing deficiencies and risks of the existing laws and laws have been improved to a certain extent, thus promoting the healthy development of the sharing economy.


Shared economic model, Information security, Legal risk