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Under the Background of Double Height Construction, the Research on the System and Mechanism Reform of School-Enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.056


Bingbing Wu, Li Qiao

Corresponding Author

Li Qiao


In 2018, Liaoning Province has issued a series of major educational development policies on promoting the supply-side structural reform of the high and middle schools and the "double high" plan. The core idea is to restructure the resources of higher education. To make it more in line with the industry and the economic and social development in Liaoning demand for talent, science and technology. School-enterprise cooperation is the only way to reform the running system and mechanism of higher vocational colleges. Its development should be combined with local industries and development needs. The reform of the system and mechanism of running schools in higher vocational education can attract willing and powerful enterprises related to the major majors of the school to participate in running schools, Realize the diversification of school-running subjects. And then achieve real integration of industry and education through school-enterprise cooperation, Lay a foundation for training technical talents.


Double high construction, Higher vocational colleges, Institutional mechanisms, School-enterprise cooperation