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Accounting Professional Innovative Personnel Training Mode under the Concept of Business and Finance Integration

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.054


Jing Nie

Corresponding Author

Jing Nie


As human beings enter the era of artificial intelligence, the demand for accounting personnel in the industry has changed. Application-oriented colleges should change the training mode of accounting students, pay attention to the cultivation of students' innovative ability, so that students can integrate business and finance. Starting from the teaching content, teaching method, examination system and teaching staff and so on four aspects, this paper expounds the application-oriented undergraduate colleges accounting the path of the innovative talents training, aiming to make application-oriented undergraduate colleges accounting professional development opportunity of goods with the help of industry integration, change ideas, cultivate conforms to the social needs of innovative high quality accounting talents. Let the professional construction, talent training and teaching reform of application-oriented undergraduate colleges promote each other and make collaborative innovation.


Accounting major, Integration of business and finance, Innovative talents