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Research on Fitness APP

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.050


Jifeng Liang

Corresponding Author

Jifeng Liang


With the advent of mobile Internet, fitness apps have swept the whole society and have had a profound effect on people's exercise behavior. The sports apps promoted people's exercise behavior and habits significantly. It can exercise anytime, anywhere, on-demand occurs and also life-long fitness. Through the good experience of fitness app and interactive perspective, elaborate design and based on needs analysis and basic principles of the possible model designed to discuss the content, combined with c-svc and v-svc data analysis to illustrate, intended departure from the bodybuilder needs to optimize fitness APP is designed to improve the current shortcomings of the fitness of APP, it is part of the construction of a simple model to try, for research reference. Development of rich sports information on the Internet and information network technology, scientific guidance of public health provides a practical way to a variety of sports sites such as springing up, major portals and various comprehensive website. It also is regarded as an important part of sports channels to run the site. But the study found that relying on the guidance of the fitness aspect of network resources is not satisfactory. Studies show that there are too many problems on health services network: the lack of standardized information collation, the query time-consuming and labor-intensive; the lack of development, and professional fitness guide website. People do not refer to sex high, technical barriers, and low-level database. It is difficult to achieve interconnection sharing, and it lacks of personalized and proactive services [1].


Fitness app, Model design, C—SVC, V—SVC