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Research on Position and Posture Trajectory Planning of 6R Industrial Robot

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.047


Zhilan Chen, Yi Huang

Corresponding Author

Zhilan Chen


Taking Fanuc Mate 200iD-4S six-degree-of-freedom robot as the research object, the three-dimensional model of the robot is established by SolidWorks software, and the joint coordinate system and the bar parameters are determined by D-H method. The kinematics model of the corresponding robot is constructed. Using the Robotics Toolbox module of Matlab software, the forward motion and the inverse motion of the robot are solved respectively. The trajectory planning of joint space and Cartesian space is constructed respectively. The angular position, angular velocity and angular acceleration of each joint are analyzed in detail with time. The rationality of the structural parameter design of the robot is verified.


Industrial robot, Kinematics analysis, Trajectory planning, Simulation