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Study on Image Preprocessing of Soybean Moisture Content Measurement

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.042


Hongdi Ke, Hong Yue, and Jinxia Qiao

Corresponding Author

Hongdi Ke


Image preprocessing method in this paper, the water content of soybean in image detection is studied, using gaussian filtering, average filtering, filtering, median filtering the box on the image pretreatment, after calculating the SURF feature vector by approximate BBF search algorithm to determine each of the feature points of two adjacent near distance determination of feature points, then the feature points matching, don't use MatLab and OpenCv3 above pretreatment method was tested the experimental results show that the different images and processing methods to reduce the number of matching points, improve the efficiency and accuracy of matching has a great influence.


Application oriented university, Integrated electronic system design, Curriculum reform