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The Impact of Marketing Innovation on Corporate Strategy Implementation: Evidence from Chinese Multinational Companies

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.038


Pingping Song, and Khaled Mohammed Alqahtani

Corresponding Author

Pingping Song


Reform and opening up and economic globalization have promoted mutual cooperation between enterprises, and the competition among enterprises has become fiercer. The formulation and selection of corporate strategies occupy a fairly important position. The correctness and execution of the strategy fundamentally determine the future development and direction of the company. To survive and develop in a dynamic environment, companies must actively adapt to the changing market environment. Innovative marketing is a long-term plan and profound thinking. It is the only way for them to survive and develop in the face of fiercely changing market environment. This will directly affect the implementation of corporate strategy. Based on the above reasons, this article will take Xiaomi Company as an example to analyze its the marketing innovation by using Porter's five-force model, which effectively proves the impact of marketing innovation on corporate strategy implementation.


Marketing innovation, Corporate strategy implementation, Multinational companies