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On the E-commerce Simulation Analysis of Northwest Ethnic Regions in China

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.036


Chaoji Yang, and Haiying Ma

Corresponding Author

Haiying Ma


E-commerce is a new type of economic activity that is highly integrated with modern information technology and business activities. It has become an important force to lead the transformation of production and lifestyle in ethnic areas. Based on the theory of system dynamics, this paper uses Vensim PLE software to construct the e-commerce industry development system dynamics model, and simulates the development of e-commerce industry from 2005 to 2015. By the validity and applicability of the data verification, this paper systematically analyzes the main influencing factors and trend characteristics of the development of e-commerce industry in the northwestern minority areas in China. Finally, according to the results of simulation and operation, combined with the current situation of e-commerce industry in China's ethnic regions, it provides corresponding countermeasures and suggestions for the development of e-commerce industry.


E-commerce industry, System dynamic, Simulation, Ethnic regions