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Meta-function Analysis of Movie Posters from the Perspective of Visual Grammar

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.035


Huafang Hu

Corresponding Author

Huafang Hu


As an important advertising form of the movie, the movie poster plays an irreplaceable role in the publicity process of the movie and is receiving more and more attention. Based on the visual grammar theory of multi-modal discourse analysis, this paper analyzes the meta-functions in movie posters, studies the movie posters from the perspective of linguistics, and combines the visual elements such as images, colors, brightness, text and size to reveal the interaction between images and texts to form a multimodal textual meaning, to show the theme and metaphor of the movie. It is pointed out that analyzing and interpreting the composition of multimodal meaning not only helps readers to understand the main theme and connotation of the movie, but also helps to improve readers' cognitive ability in multimodal discourse.


Multimodal discourse analysis, Movie poster, Visual Grammar