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Legal Business Development Model in Shared Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.033


Yan Gao

Corresponding Author

Yan Gao


In recent years, the business development model enterprises in the shared economy, represented by shared bicycle, drip-drip special vehicle and Renren loan, have risen rapidly all over the world. Their unique and innovative trading structure and operation mechanism have subverted the traditional industries and impacted the traditional businesses, and are affecting and changing people's production and production. Living style. Therefore, the study of business development model under the shared economy has realistic value and epochal significance for us. Through practical investigation and empirical analysis, it is found that the business development model under the shared economy is a kind of market innovation. However, under this kind of market innovation, due to its imperfect self-development and the relative lag of the law, the protection of the trusted interests of the demanders, the supervision of default payment risk of the shared platform, supply and demand are protected. Both parties'tort liability, risk control of supplier sublease, regulation of monopoly and unfair competition, risk supervision of personal privacy and information security, and risk supervision of social and national security have become legal problems under the existing system. Facing the legal risks and legal problems of the business development model under the market innovation of the shared economy, it is necessary to carry out relevant institutional innovation and build a system matching the shared economy model, so as to promote the healthy development of the shared economy.


Legal research, Shared economic, Commercial development model