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Research on the Development Model of the Aged Service Industry under the Background of Internet Times

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.028


Xing Xia

Corresponding Author

Xing Xia


At present, China's aging is intensifying, and the problem of old-age care is becoming more and more serious. How to achieve "the old and the old, and the old is dependent" is a question worthy of our consideration. Home-based wisdom and health care relying on Internet technology has become a hot topic. It has solved the problems of institutional pension and home-based pensions, and has pointed out the way for China's future pension model. The construction of its human service platform is worthy of us. In-depth study. This paper explores the old-age platform suitable for China's national conditions through the analysis of the current international pension platform and the status quo of China's pension.


Internet age, Old-age services, Industrial development