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Historical Review, Current Situation and Trend of Scenario Analysis Theory at Home and Abroad

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.023


Guang Chen, Zhimin Wang, Yixin Sun, Wei Liu, Xinda Li, Haini Qu, Qichao Su, Xinyan Zhang, and Jiyuan Wang

Corresponding Author

Guang Chen


At present, there is no systematic and complete scenario analysis theory at home and abroad, and scenario analysis appears more as an analysis method. Nevertheless, scenario analysis is gradually changing to an independent theoretical system. At present, foreign countries focus on discussing the basic concepts and methods related to "scenario" and perfecting the theory of scenario analysis from various perspectives, while domestic countries mainly introduce and directly apply foreign theories and methods, and the basic theories and methods related to scenario analysis are relatively scarce.


Scenario analysis, SWOT, Scenario