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Command Control Activity Simulation Research based on "Control Power Degree"

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.020


Nan Wang

Corresponding Author

Nan Wang


In many situations control power is not absolute sometimes, especially modern war even though the ascendant part can hardly capture the whole battlefield control power. Therefore, we introduced the concept of “control power degree”, which is regarded a measurable indicator of command control activity simulation, being used for reflecting the contest of both side military strength, command confrontation and decision-making. The concept of “control power degree” merged the “situation” and “power” together in command control, which used the methods of qualitative simulation and intelligent agent simulation, making personnel analyzes the overall situation and method of operation furthermore, recognizing the organization of forces action and conversion of battle efficiency. Command control activity simulation based on “control power degree” is a positive exploration and beneficial attempt on analyzing fighting capability exactly.


Control power degree, Situation, Power, Simulation