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Patent Map of Torque Wrench Technology for Digital Display Tools

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.014


Zhilan Chen, Xinhao Ye, and Honglian Zeng

Corresponding Author

Zhilan Chen


By consulting the patent database about the torque wrench in the past 80 years, the technical development and technological process of the torque wrench at home and abroad are studied in detail on the patent map. A series of patent maps in the field of torque wrench technology are drawn by using patent information data mining method, patent map analysis method and international patent IPC classification method. This paper also makes a detailed analysis of the number of applications, application trends, major applicant countries, major competition agencies, patent distribution patterns, changes of main technical hot spots, key technical development areas, etc. It also analyses the current research situation and technical hot spots in the field of torque wrench technology, and predicts the future technical development trend of torque wrench.


Torque wrench, Patent map, IPC classification, Technical hot spots