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Study of Real-time Monitoring for Ship-borne Antenna Locking Mechanism

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.013


Huizhou Jiao, and Haidong Zou

Corresponding Author

Haidong Zou


In consideration of the current ship-borne antenna locking system, a measuring system for motor current measurement and locking pin stroke is designed to achieve the purpose of real-time monitoring the status of the locking system. The current detection sensor and distance measurement sensor are used to realize the real-time measurement of the distance and the motor current for the locking pin. The remote transmission of the field measurement data is realized by the single chip computer and the serial communication module. The upper computer can analyze and graphically display the data through the designed software, thus realizing the real-time monitoring and improving the reliability of the system.


Ship-borne antenna, Locking system, Real-time, Monitoring