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Analysis of Countermeasures for Smes to Enhance Their Driving Force in Entrepreneurial Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.012


Li Mu

Corresponding Author

Li Mu


In recent years, under the guidance of national policies, China's small and medium-sized enterprises have developed rapidly and become an important pillar of the national economy, playing an irreplaceable role in promoting employment and maintaining social stability. At present, under the background of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" entrepreneurial economy, smes have encountered unprecedented opportunities for development. However, it is not plain sailing for smes on the road of fierce competition and accelerated development, such as the scarcity of entrepreneurial talents, weak independent innovation ability and lack of financing ability. All these constitute inevitable development problems for small and medium-sized enterprises. Under the new economic normal, China's small and medium-sized enterprises should take the opportunity to change, calmly face all kinds of difficult challenges, constantly tap potential, refreshing drive, so that small and medium-sized enterprises really healthy and good development.


Entrepreneurial, Internal driving force, Small and medium–sized enterprises