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The Reliability and Characteristics of Financial Accounting Information

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.010


Xia Li

Corresponding Author

Xia Li


As we all know, accounting began to develop based on fiduciary responsibility, and the reliability of accounting information is inherent. After the capital market became the main way for enterprises to raise funds, the characteristics of accounting information turned to “use of decision making”, so relevance became the mainstream of accounting information, and reliability was second. In the conceptual framework of financial accounting, the quality of accounting information is a “bridge” between the accounting objective and the means to achieve the goal. It constrains the information provided by the financial statements to meet the requirements of the target. Since the quality characteristics of accounting information are to maintain accounting objectives, the specific determination of quality standards or characteristics is of course closely related to accounting objectives. Financial accounting information should meet both reliability and relevance requirements, and reliability is inherent. This paper analyzes the reliability of financial accounting information from the reliability of financial status information, the reliability of business results information, the reliability of cash flow information, and discusses the authenticity, comprehensiveness and structure of financial information reliability. Features, to provide a little help for the learning of other students and their continued progress.


Financial accounting information, Reliability, Objectivity, Authenticity