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Industrial Control Network Anomaly Data Identification Method based on Wireless Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.004


Xiaojin Mo

Corresponding Author

Xiaojin Mo


With the gradual igniting of industrial infinite communication technology and the gradual internationalization of development, it plays a pivotal role in the road of industrial automation. Industrial network anomalies have also become a topic of concern, and research on the identification of anomalous data in industrial networks is extremely important. However, most of the data that can be processed by the current industrial network data anomaly identification method is a single dimension, and data detection can only be performed on a single item to be measured, and the method of measuring the network data is huge. This method is extremely inconvenient. And can't measure more rigorously. In order to solve such problems, this paper finds a large number of documents, and through the comparative analysis of data, finds an abnormal recognition method that can detect data of multiple indicators to be tested, and improves the reliability and security of network data identification.


Network monitoring, Anomaly data identification, Wireless communication