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Labor Supply and Sustainable Economic Growth: A Preliminary Study Based on Demographic Dividend

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DOI: 10.25236/iciss.2019.002


Biao Gu, and Yue Chen

Corresponding Author

Yue Chen


It is vital to promote economic prosperity in both economics and politics. Therefore, this paper is thinking about the situation compared with the years when the growth rates are in a high level from the perspective of demographic dividend. If the effect of demographic dividend has gone, this paper will talk about the influence caused by it and will give some suggestions about it. This paper mainly uses Excel and several resources including dependency ratio from China Statistical Yearbook to research if Chinese demographic dividend has gone and the result of it is yes. Meanwhile, this paper will talk about the change in periodic unemployment and natural unemployment brought by it. Finally, this paper argues that we must push the two-child policy with assistance from all departments. Secondly, we should improve human capital, mainly in education. Finally, we should help individual labor force set correct employment concept.


Labor supply, Economic growth, Demographic dividend, Education